gloryfy BASTARDS 2013 presented by Raiffeisen Club

Only 2 days to go until gloryfy BASTARDS is on again! The national and international snowboard- and freeski-elite will gather on Friday, 18 January 2013 from 7 pm in the center of Gerlos to battle it out. With the best riders lineup and the most impressive setup in the young history of the event, the crowd can look forward to an evening full of breathtaking riding and extraordinaire party-action!

As every year 32 of the world‘s best snowboard- and freeski-pros are invited to battle it out at the gloryfy BASTARDS unbreakable big air battle presented by Raiffeisen Club on 18 January 2013 on an impressive setup built from 25,000 cubic metres of snow – planned and built by headshaper Manfred „Brandy“ Brandacher, snowboard-legend Steve Gruber and his crew. And to top off all that, the entry is free for everybody!

Riders from nine different nations will travel to Gerlos this coming friday to fight for a EUR 11,000,- prize purse in the center of the village:


Peter König (AUT)

Daniel Mösl (AUT)

Mario Wanger (AUT)

Chris Sörman (SWE)

Marius Otterstad (NOR)

Tom Klocker (AUT)

Kim Rune Hansen (NOR)

Patrick Cinca (GER)

Janne Lipsanen (FIN)

Sami Luhtanen (FIN)

Chris Kröll (AUT)

Alessandro Boyens (GER)

Tom Tramnitz (AUT)

Niko Länsio (FIN)

Benny Mösl (AUT)

Alex Walch (AUT)



Dennis Ranalter (AUT)

Viktor Mosmann (AUT)

Luca Tribondeau (AUT)

Oscar Scherlin (SWE)

Christian Jenny (AUT)

Tobi Gratz (AUT)

Maxi Noppeney (AUT)

Flo Geyer (GER)

Markus Obwaller (AUT)

Marek Skala (POL)

Lukas Brucic (AUT)

Lukas Pospichal (CZ)

Andreas Gohl (AUT)

Spencer Kairmers (USA)

Raphael Schwaiger (AUT)

Andri Ambühl (CH)

And of course parties of epic proportions are also part of the annual BASTARDS experience: find DJs like the Wax Wreckaz, Invasion Sound, DJ NLP, Smok1ng Fing3rs, Judge Reini and DJ Philips tearing down the place at the official afterparty locations Cin-Cin, Country Club, Little London and Garage. Shuttlebusses from Mayrhofen, Fügen and Krimml ensure a quick and comfortable journey to Gerlos.

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