hOme is where the hairspray is…

How do the guys at hOme do it? A couple of snowboarders from Fribourg have somehow managed to put together an amazing team, a unique product line, and even managed to talk Travis Rice into making a movie that isn’t covered in Red Bull logos. We decided to take the opportunity to ask one of the founders, Eddy Dousse, to explain his magic.

Hey Eddy, we like your new movie / commercial. Can you tell us a little about where the idea came from?
We had come up with several ideas that would fit with a general scenario where we are playing with Travis’ image a little bit. One of the craziest ones involved a Yacht in the South of France, and obviously that fell through (!). So in the end a lot was decided last minute and it was Travis himself who came up with the best idea, and we just went with that. It was more spontaneous that it looks, and that’s a good thing.

Why did you guys decide to work with Yeahh Productions on this project?
We had worked with them for our first commercial with Gigi. We were so incredibly happy with the result that talking to them for this project with Travis was just obvious. Martin and his crew are even crazier about details than we are, which is no small feat.

Does Travis always wear hairspray with his hats?  Or was he high on propellants and imagining the whole thing?
Attention to detail is the key word here, every bit of hair in the right place ! You should see him eat fondue without making any cheese strings, it’s impressive.

So if we understand right, every hOme watch now comes with a free matching Ferrari?
Well actually it’s the personal trained butler we wanted to include, but we weren’t allowed. A shame really…

Thanks for your time!  We’re looking forward to seeing more from you guys…
Thanks, more is in the works already so keep an eye out for us!

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