Swiss Snowboard Girls Camp Vol.5

Once again Ursina Haller helped organize an end of season girls camp in Corvatsch. Sina Candrian, Elena Koenz, Carla Somaini, Verena Rohrer and Isa Jud all showed up to set a fine example for the nearly 30 girls who showed up. Here’s What Ursina had to say about the camp:

“The goal is always to share our passion for snowboarding with all the girls. We definitely got the stoke level high and it was a little shred party up there!”

Follow the jump for a bunch more photos from Mariell Vikkisk:

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Home Run Recap

“Gatherings like the HOME RUN – invitational banked slalom are important to keep the pulse of the swiss snowboard scene alive. You live for two days together in a big house, you cook, eat, drink sleep, shape, shred and party together. The main reason to come to Bellwald is to meet old friends but at the end you leave it with a bunch of new ones too. We all have the same passion and this event brings together 3 generations of snowboarders to pass the spirit along and to show the younger kids what’s it all about.”

-Sebi Bumann (Home Run and Hä? founder)

Follow the jump for the results and some photos…

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Swiss Freestyle Champs – Slopestyle & Big Air

Dario Burch mid cor,k landed him a 2nd place finish in the men's big air.

Dario Burch mid cork, landed him a 2nd place finish in the men’s big air.

With the weather cooperating on Saturday, it allowed for two shred events to take place in Corvatsch. The slopestyle and the big air. In the morning the conditions were a bit difficult due to flat light, but as the day progressed, the conditions improved and so did the atmosphere. There were people watching the action from every part of the mountain and the skill level of both men & women was top notch.

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The Corvatsch Games

Moritz Thoenen putting down an aggressive toeside turn into the 2nd bank.

Moritz Thoenen putting down an aggressive toe side turn into the 2nd bank.

Due to bad weather and very limited visibility, the Swiss Freestyle Championships event organizers made the right call, by cancelling the slopestyle today. However, not all was lost. We turned our frowns upside down and created our own version of the Corvatch Games. In our games, there was two events. The banked slalom through the woods and a long jump that would make your knees bleed. Even with not so ideal conditions, we all had fun, got to shred with friends, laugh, joke, and all while pushing each other to go bigger. Isn’t that what snowboarding is all about!!!

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Banked Slopestyle à la Crans-Montana Spring Session

Les dernières sessions de la saison mérite de rester en soirée

Banked Slopestyle : la vitesse et les rires en plus

Ah les bonnes vibrations de la fin de saison ! Pour finir en beauté les derniers jours de cet hiver 2015, Nico Vuignier s’arracha pour sortir de sa tête la deuxième édition d’un format d’événement que nous ne sommes pas prêt d’oublier : le banked slopestyle ! Cette version valaisanne de la Spring Session est un hybride entre un méga parc avec des modules exclusifs, truculents et drôlatique, et un banked slalom avec virages relevés, et plein de bosses à saut : l’incarnation sur terre du hashtag #legburner !

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